Qualcomm IZat

As more people use smartphones as their mobile concierge, Qualcomm aims to provide always-on location awareness to every device, anywhere. Qualcomm IZat, a product of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., transforms the way we think about “where” beyond a navigational fix. With accurate information about “who” and “what” is around us, IZat provides much-needed context to make life more simple and convenient – wherever you are.


ProductsIZat1 IZatWhere? Exactly.

The IZat location platform uses a variety of mobile, network and cloud technologies to determine your position with unmatched accuracy and responsiveness. Even indoors, where satellites can’t reach, IZat is designed to deliver 5-meter accuracy. So whether on the move or standing still, IZat knows exactly where you are and where you need to go.


ProductsIZat2 IZatGlobally available, locally reliable

Mobile apps need to work everywhere, so IZat provides ubiquitous location information – indoors, outdoors, and urban canyons in between. When traditional techniques aren’t enough, Qualcomm advanced positioning technologies take over to offer uninterrupted coverage.

ProductsIZat3 IZatAlways-On

Built right into Qualcomm mobile chipsets, IZat is optimized to provide the best location capabilities with a minimal impact on battery life. With location features always running in the background, you can rely on your mobile sidekick to make life more convenient, without the inconvenience of recharging.



The right information at the right time

IZat complements other Qualcomm innovations that are making smartphones even smarter. With the ability to learn your preferences and anticipate your needs, we help you stay in control. With IZat-enabled devices, you can set your preferences and privacy settings, to ensure that you receive the relevant information you want, when and where you want it.