Qualcomm® Hy-Fi™

If you want the reliability of wires and the flexibility of wireless, then a hybrid network is for you. Qualcomm Hy-Fi, a product of Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., brings together the best of Wi-Fi®, Powerline and Ethernet to blanket your home with high-fidelity broadband. This provides a powerful, yet flexible way to distribute digital media services to every room in the house.

ProductsHyFismarterSmarter performance for flawless media

Start with a Gigabit of network capacity. Then optimize traffic to use either the Wi-Fi or Powerline network – whichever is less crowded or has the strongest signal. The result is a powerful home network that can handle all of your digital media and data services today, and support other smart home applications in the future.


ProductsHyFi2Reliable connectivity everywhere

No more wireless dead spots. No more cables across the room. No more repeaters. Hy-Fi is designed to bring high-fidelity broadband where you need it – even hard-to-reach places – so you can enjoy triple-play media services in every room of the home. If your connectivity needs change, Hy-Fi networks are flexible enough to add devices on the fly.


ProductsHyFi3Unbelievable simplicity

There’s no one-size-fits-all networking technology for every home. With a Hy-Fi router running the show, you can connect Wi-Fi devices over the air, or plug-in a Hy-Fi Range Extender next to devices that are already plugged in. Hy-Fi devices automatically discover and connect to take the “work” out of networking.


ProductsHyFi4Pioneering hybrid networks

Qualcomm changed the game with the world’s first hybrid home networking solutions. Now we’re helping to make it a standard for the service providers around the globe. Hy-Fi meets the IEEE 1905.1 hybrid standard, and Qualcomm is working to ensure interoperability with other home networking products, through the nVoy™ certification program.