Home is where the connection is.

Home can be a very happening place when it's connected. Kids on tablets, adults on computers, everybody with smartphones. Non-stop gaming, music, movies and surfing. Today's average home has five or more connected devices. In the future, that number might be 50. What good are so many smart devices without a smart network to connect them?

Qualcomm® networking solutions can make your home smarter, more digital, more connected. From Wi-Fi, Powerline and Ethernet that can handle the rigors of media consumption, to small cells and hybrid networks that maximize performance and flexibility, we are helping to redefine the places people live so they experience more from their connected home.

Qualcomm actively participates in various computer and mobile networking industry groups, organizations and alliances, including IEEE and the HomePlug Alliance.

– To learn how Qualcomm is influencing standards and helping shape evolving technologies, read more about our alliances.

Synergize your Network

To make 802.11ac networks even better, Qualcomm VIVE routers use StreamBoost technology to intelligently manage traffic coming into the home. StreamBoost identifies and classifies the types of traffic on your network automatically - giving each application the bandwidth and speed it needs.

Ted & Maria's Connected Home

HomePlug powerline solutions use your existing electrical system to share broadband – turning every outlet into a connection point. With no new wires, you (and your walls) can enjoy fast and painless networking.