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The word network conjures up many different images. The knot of cables in your home office. Cell towers and telephone wires dotting the landscape. Giant equipment rooms in your company’s basement. Or maybe just a website where you update your status. However you define it, a network is just the means to an end – connecting to the people, things and information that matter to you.

Qualcomm® delivers the technologies that power the networks that connect billions of people. Our networking products are designed to provide the fast and reliable connectivity that people have come to expect at home, at work, and everywhere in between. And since there’s no one-size-fits-all technology for every network, we offer a wide range of wireless and wired solutions that bring seamless connectivity to the masses.

Qualcomm actively participates in various mobile and computing industry groups, organizations and alliances, including IEEE, NFC Forum, Indoor Location Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance.

To learn how we are influencing standards and helping shape the mobile landscape, read more about our alliances.

Connected Home

The average home has five or more connected devices. Learn how Qualcomm Wi-Fi®, Powerline and hybrid solutions are serving up fast and reliable broadband to every one of them.

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Enterprise & SMB

Whether you are a global enterprise or a small business, you need a network that keeps up with demand and keeps things running smoothly. Find out how Qualcomm technologies deliver superior workplace connectivity.

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Metro & Public Networks

Everywhere you look, people are uploading and downloading from mobile devices. Qualcomm doesn’t just provide always-on connectivity to those devices. We also power the networks at hotspots, coffee shops, airports, stadiums, and other public places. Learn more about our mobile and Wi-Fi technologies for metro and public networks.

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Qualcomm® VIVE™ and Qualcomm StreamBoost™

Synergize your Network

To make 802.11ac networks even better, Qualcomm VIVE routers use StreamBoost technology to intelligently manage traffic coming into the home. StreamBoost identifies and classifies the types of traffic on your network automatically – giving each application the bandwidth and speed it needs.